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Relaqua Workshop

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1 day
  • PADI Relaqua Workshop

    A combination of breathing, meditation, yoga and relaxation.

    The human being is the only living being that can use breathing to create a desired emotional state. In the Relaqua® course, not only breathing, especially pranayama exercises, plays a role, but also non-breathing - letting go of breathing plays a major role. In the breathing part of yoga, this technique is called Kumbhaka - it does not describe the intentional holding of breath, but the passive breathing.

    The Relaqua® concept is completed by complementary techniques such as autogenic training, meditation, floating, yoga and the mental skills from apnoea diving, as well as the so-called mammal diving reflex. It is responsible for ensuring that world-class athletes dive over 200m deep, hold their breath for over 11 minutes or dive over 100m deep under the ice - with just one breath.

    Who can participate

    All those who would like to learn about breathing and relaxation exercises. There is no performance orientation whatsoever, nor are there any stopwatches with Relaqua®. A good constitution should be present, an affinity for water does no harm, but is not a must. Relaqua® is suitable for all age groups.


    Course content

    Part 1 - In the dry: Pranayama, deep relaxation part with breathing exercises that start on land and continue in the water, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan

    Part 2 - In the pool: Floating, pranayma exercises in the water, partner coaching, meditation, deep relaxation with held breath

    Bring along
    Comfortable clothing, yoga mat (if your own is desired, otherwise provided), swimwear, 5mm wetsuit (course participants benefit from a reduced rental price with TSK. Please note the shop opening hours, our rental shop is closed on Sundays).

    Is the responsibility of the participant

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    This workshop is only offered as a group course.

  • Relaqua Workshop

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  • Relaqua Workshop

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