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    TSK Bern Flohmärit

    Switzerland's largest second-hand diving article exchange on Saturday, 19 June 2021
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    Lockdown 2.0 has inspired us to create new cool webinars. At least we'll see each other online and you'll learn something new. On the following page you will find an overview of what is going on.
    TSK webinars
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    Diving with the pro

    A diver in clear water
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    Diving trip Fernsteinsee 13-15 August 2021

    The diving summer highlight par excellence! Diving in the clearest lakes of all Europe. If you've always dreamed of floating in crystal clear water, then you should join us on this dive delight.
    Fernsteinsee Denkmal Kreuz
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    Try Side 24.04.2021

    Have you always wanted to try sidemount diving? Our Try Side Event offers the opportunity: you complete a pool dive in full sidemount configuration under the guidance of our sidemount instructors!
    Taucher in Sidemount Konfiguration im SeeDivers in sidemount configuration in the lake
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    Underwater photography with the professional

    You want beautiful underwater photos of you as a diver? Or do you want to learn how to handle a complex camera system and edit pictures? Book your personal underwater photo professional for your tailor-made photo adventure.
    [Translate to English:] Schwarz Weiss Unterwasser Foto von einem Adlerrochen aus der Vogel Perspektive
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    Süsswasser statt SüdseeFresh water instead of South Sea

    "In the lake it is quite cold, murky and dark" is the opinion of many who have only dived in the ocean until now. We would like to introduce you to diving in fresh water.
    Diving in Swiss lakes and rivers
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    Maggia instead of Maldives

    The Maggia and Verzasca rivers have crystal clear water when the weather is good. An ideal place to learn drift diving and experience it from its most beautiful side. At the very back of the Maggia Valley there are also a few mountain lakes waiting to be discovered. Even if you have already dived in the current in the Maldives, you will be amazed what there is to discover in the fresh water. A visit to a typical Ticino grotto or an excursion to Locarno will round off our diving days.
    [Translate to English:] Tauchen in der Maggia
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    Blausee instead of Bahamas

    You know the legend of Lake Blausee? You will learn this and much more during your stay in the beautiful Bernese Oberland. Combine your short holiday in a unique place with the special course dry diving. A completely new experience for all those who normally only dive in warm water, but also a special experience for freshwater cracks.
    [Translate to English:] Traumhafter Blausee
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    Peter's Island instead of Palau

    Enjoy the beauty of the Jura lakes with an experienced dive guide. You will be amazed at what we discover in the sea grass: small schools of perch, pike, crayfishes and other lake dwellers. The gentle underwater landscape of the lakes of Neuchâtel and Biel is just too ideal for your first diving experience. But we also have some spectacular dive sites for freshwater cracks.
    [Translate to English:] Tauchen im Bielersee